Photo Artist  📷 , Russia  🇷🇺 Moscow
I am the creator of a collective unconscious myth, working with subjective images, as well as a mystic and a dreamer – who strives to elevate both the vivid and banal, sublime and lurid, conventional and bizarre. Often my photos arise as if not from a surrounding reality, but rather from some Imaginary layer of space lurking beneath its surface. 
Objects of my passionate curiosity: abstract forms and spaces, portrait, still Life, culture, life style.
Abstract photography - often enough
Cloisonnisme - not often as I would like
Expressionism - most often
Minimalism - especially love
Neorealism - when a special mood
The art of action aka one-off photography – sometimes
Artist A-PHOTOART of the creative union "CREATIVE UNION PHOTOART", member of FIAP (Fédération Internationale De L'art Photographique) - international federation of photographic art, member of the PSA (PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA), WPO (WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY ORGANIZATION). Graduated professional photography and portrait courses in NYIP (New York Institute Of Photography) . Always trying to move forward!
If you would like to ask me something or you are interested in collaboration, please contact me via the form below.
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